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        5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

        For most people, their wedding is one of the most wonderful days of their lives, and they want to remember that. But, a wedding isn’t cheap, and many couples try to look for ways to go frugal on their wedding without missing out on the magic it provides. As a videographer, I notice a lot of people trying to video their wedding themselves. However, you’ll actually benefit from hiring a videographer and here are five reasons why! 

        1. Reliving your memories

        Before I started my videography business, my best friend, Kate, hired a videographer for her wedding. She told me how much she loves rewatching those videos every few months. To her, it just reignites the spark between her and her husband every time. It also shows how magical that day was as if you were watching an actual Hollywood movie. It’s also a way to feel better on a rainy day. Humans are social beings, watching yourself be happy will lift your mood tremendously. 

        2. Capture sentimental moments

        The moment you say your vows may be the most essential part of your wedding. Photographers may capture a beautiful picture, but only a video can include the spoken part. As a professional, I will make sure to capture your vows, your kiss, and the full ceremony. That way, you’ll never forget what you said to each other and how beautiful and radiant you both looked during the ceremony. You may lose your vow papers, but you will never lose the videos as they get saved on a server. 

        3. Something to give away

        There will inevitably be some people who couldn’t make it to your wedding day. Having a video to send to them will help them feel included. It’s also perfect for showing your children and grandchildren. It shows the love between you and your spouse and helps to create a vision for your children for their wedding day. How great is that?!

        4. The story behind your video

        A videographer usually works together with a photographer. While your pictures get taken, you’re often too focused on creating a good picture to see what’s happening around you. I know this, and will use this opportunity to show the “making of” the photos and everything that’s happening around the couple. That way, they can go home and see everything that they may have missed during their big day. 

        About Fresh Format Films

        Fresh Format Films is a professional videographing business based in Seattle that provides short, engaging, and sweet films rather than long wedding videos. Their reason behind this is that short films capture the moments better than having to sit through a 3+ hour movie. The short films capture the most magical moments of your wedding. Fresh Format gets their inspiration from many indie movies and their goal is to tell a story that will bring tears of joy to your eyes. A wedding is important, and that should be portrayed in the videos. 

        If you’re curious, check out some of their videos on their website: www.freshformatfilms.com

        Photos by Amanda K. White


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