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        You love to plan big, and you want to cherish every moment. Be it within the city's vibrant landscape or venturing into the great outdoors, our storytelling approach extends far beyond the confines of the wedding day itself. Embracing the essence of your journey, our Forever and Ever collections extend their embrace to cover those precious additional days, allowing you to relish the beautiful moments preceding your special day. Imagine the canvas of your pre-wedding days painted with the strokes of downtown adventures, the untamed beauty of PNW mountain treks, or the simple bliss of a sunset stroll along the pier. These are the moments that build the anticipation.

        Price starts at $4600

        8 hours of filming

        5-9 minutes Feature film

        Linen-bound video album

        Aerial footage

        Engagement video shoot

        Full documentary Ceremony and Toasts

        15-20 weeks delivery

        Imagine your love story unfolding like a captivating movie, where every cherished moment, from heartfelt vows to spontaneous laughter, is showcased in a 5 to 9-minute masterpiece. Your feature wedding film is an intimate journey through your entire day, capturing not just the big events but also those subtle, tender moments that define the uniqueness of your celebration. It's not just a film; it's your love story told in a cinematic experience, preserving the depth and emotion of your wedding day for years to come.

        Price starts at $3500

        8 hours of filming

        5-9 minutes Feature film

        Linen-bound video album

        10-15 weeks delivery

        Picture a mini-movie that's like a burst of confetti, filled with the absolute happiest moments of your day. Your highlights wedding film, lasting just 3 to 5 minutes, is a joyful melody of laughter, happy tears, and those "wow" moments that lit up your celebration. It's not just a recap; it's a love-infused, music-backed celebration reel that brings back the biggest smiles, the warmest embraces, and all the happiness that made your day shine. It's the ultimate "feel-good" film, designed to transport you instantly to the heart of your wedding day's happiest memories.

        Price starts at $2800

        6 hours of filming

        3-5 minutes Highlights Film

        8-10 weeks delivery

        Eugene from Fresh Format Films was an incredible vendor to work with and have capture our wedding day. He was approachable and kind throughout the entire process while also being professional and exceptionally creative - which shows in his work. HIGHLY recommend for any of your videographer needs.

        Erica + Alex